Sustains children with disabilities from Ukraine

aquiring a work from bid

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” and Rotary is the biggest family of friends!

The first reaction of District 2241 Romania – Moldavia to the Ukrainian children’s call was in June 2014, when just immediately, at the President’s call, Governor Marian Mocanu organized the first Rotarian humanitarian transport from Sidney.
At the Ukrainian ICC meeting from Ujgorod in October 2014, Mrs. Angela Dobrai, President of the biggest Rotary Trans-border Association “Trans-border Association of Rotary Clubs from the Nord-East Region of the Carpathians’” (5 countries) proposed the formation of a fund managed by Rotary Ukraine with humanitarian purposes generated by the troubles in East Ukraine. Thus, all the difficulties related to logistic, legislative, organizational issues or related o exports of goods outside the European Union are solved.

On July 23rd, 2015 before Governor Daniel Tanase it starts the project “Culorile Sperantei” (Colors of Hope).
Over 20 plastic artists from 4 countries created/donated about 60 paintings during the painting camp held in Baia Mare and organized by Baia Mare Rotary Club.
The works are presented in online bid and all the collected funds shall be used only for the humanitarian projects of Rotary Ukraine.

You choose the path and intensity!

Rule of the Bid

  • The Bid is open to all natural and legal persons of Romania or abroad.
  • The starting price or that displayed at the moment of accessing the Bid shall increment by 10 Euro or multiple of it.
  • Direct assignment shall be made for the first bidder who offers at the first access 3 (three) times the starting value.
  • Validation of the winners shall be made in maximum 48 hours from the Bid’s deadline. Do not transfer any amount into the Bid’s account before being validated as winner.
  • The bid for a painting is considered closed only after validation and the transfer of the bid amount into the Baia Mare Rotary account.
  • Filling in the identification data required in the application form is compulsory.
  • The taking ownership of the bid and knocked down painting shall be done according to winner’s preferences.
  • Baia Mare Rotary Club provides authenticity documents of the works.
  • For further information please contact 0722652821.

Dear Rotarian Friend, now you can directly be part of the “Dar pentru lume” (Gift for the world).